Special Operations Capabilities Specialist


MARSOC is looking for hard charging Marines with unique MOSs to join our team


Special Operations Capability Specialists (SOCS) are Marines who provide combat support expertise in intelligence, fire support, communications, and canine operations as part of the Marine Raiders.  SOCS are assigned to billets at the team, company, and battalion levels. Enlisted Marines are designated SOCS and awarded the 8071 Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). SOCS are assigned to MARSOC for 5-year tours and are eligible for additional career-enhancing opportunities within the special operations community.

Eligible MOSs

SOF Fires Specialists (SOCS-B)
0861 (E-5 through E-7)

SOF Communications Specialists
(SOCS-C): 0621, 0629, 0631, 0639, 0651, 0659, 0671, 0679, 0681, 0689, 2821, 2823, 2841, 2847, 2862, (E-4 through E-7)

SOF Multi-Purpose Canine Handler (SOCS-D)
 5811 (E-4 through E-5)

SOF EOD Specialists (SOCS-E)
2336 (E-5 through E-9)

SOF SIGINT Specialists (SOCS-F)
26XX (E-4 through E-7)

SOF Geospatial Specialists (SOCS-G)
0241 and 0261 (E-4 through E-7)

SOF CI/HUMINT Specialists (SOCS-H)
0211 (E-4 through E-7)

SOF All-Source Intel Specialists (SOCS-I)
0231 (E-4 through E-7)

Combat Service Support Marines
0431 (E-4 through E-6), 0481 (E-4 through E-5)


Upon assignment to MARSOC, Marines attend the SOF Training Course (STC), Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE), and advanced SOF-specific MOS training. This program is designed to equip high-performing Marines with additional skills and concepts required to be effective in special operations.

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