Selection and Training

Assessment and Selection (A&S) Phase 1

The three-week A&S Phase 1 course serves as the precursor to the roughly three-week Phase 2, and the nine-month Individual Training Course (ITC), with the purpose of preparing MARSOC Critical Skills Operator candidates for the challenges of A&S.

Aside from the physical training, which includes running, swimming and hiking, the course incorporates a mix of classroom instruction and practical application of basic Marine Corps knowledge and MARSOC and Special Operations Forces fundamentals. 

A&S Phase 1 completion does not guarantee selection.

Download a 10-week training guide and log (2.8 mb PDF) to help you prepare for the physical fitness aspects of the assessment and selection process.

For those of you preparing for Assessment and Selection, check out the training videos focusing on proper technique for the Breast Stroke and Side Stroke. Additional aquatic preparation guidance can be found on page 23 of the 10-week training guide and log (5.3 mb PDF).

Assessment & Selection (A&S) Phase 2 

A&S is a mentally and physically challenging evaluation that enables MARSOC to identify Marines that have attributes compatible with special operations missions and the MARSOC way of life. A&S is highly competitive.

Individual Training Course (ITC) 

Marines selected for assignment as Critical Skills Operators or Special Operations Officers attend ITC, a nine-month program that builds multidimensional operators capable of operating across the full spectrum of special operations, and aware of the strategic context in which they operate.

Officers will also attend a four week Team Commanders Course (TCC) directly after completion of ITC.

ITC amphibious training.