MARSOC Combat Support Orientation Course (MCSOC)

MARSOC is looking for some hard charging combat support Marines to join our team. We're bringing top candidates to MARSOC March 20-24 for a five-day course to see if it's the right fit at the right time.

The MARSOC Combat Support Orientation Course (MCSOC) is designed to identify Marines from combat support MOSs who are interested in a tour in special operations. MCSOC will educate these Marines about the unique challenges, opportunities, training and operations that await those assigned to MARSOC to become Special Operations Capability Specialists (SOCS). 

Special operations are conducted by small teams in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive areas. Success depends on the skill, maturity, and professionalism of each member of the team. SOCS are Marines who provide combat support expertise in intelligence, fire support, communications, and military police as part of a Marine Special Operations Team.

Marines of the following MOS are eligible to participate:

  • SOF Fires Specialists (SOCS-B):  0861 (E-5 through E-7)
  • SOF Communications Specialists (SOCS-C):  0621, 0651, 0629, 0659, 0681, 0689, 2821, 2823, 2841, 2847, 2862 (E-4 through E-7)
  • SOF Multi-Purpose Canine Handler (SOCS-D):  5811 (E-4 through E-5)
  • SOF SIGINT Specialists (SOCS-F):  26XX (E-4 through E-7)
  • SOF Geospatial Specialists (SOCS-G):  0241 and 0261 (E-4 through E-7)
  • SOF CI/HUMINT Specialists (SOCS-H):  0211 (E-4 through E-7)
  • SOF All-Source Intel Specialists (SOCS-I):  0231 (E-4 through E-7)

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