MARSOC is a team that takes care of its own.


Marines are our most important resource. We take excellent care of them, providing world-class training to prepare Marines for deployments, including dealing with stress. MARSOC looks out for Marines’ physical, psychological, and spiritual needs with a cadre of fitness trainers, nutritionists, medical personnel, psychologists, social workers, and chaplains dedicated to the total well-being of the Marines of MARSOC.



MARSOC families are part of the team.

Flexibility, trust, and communication hold a MARSOC family together. As a spouse, you may find yourself taking on new responsibilities. Trust your ability to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy while your Marine is serving. You are a full and active part of your family—and of MARSOC. Families who take advantage of MARSOC’s resources and spouse network can thrive.

MARSOC values the family.

MARSOC supports a robust network of Family Readiness Officers (FROs) and volunteers who provide support for families, whether it be a spouse, parent, or significant other. MARSOC has tools to support and help you—and help you support your Marine. No question is too small for the FROs or MARSOC counselors.

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