How much time will my Marine spend away from home?

Operational tempo can vary widely depending on the mission your Marine’s team is performing. A MARSOC Marine trains—sometimes away from home—to prepare for deployment and to ensure mission success. There is no “typical deployment,” but most pre-deployment training is 10-12 months followed by a 6-9 month deployment. After a deployment, time with family is a command priority for MARSOC Marines.

Throughout your Marine’s career at MARSOC he will have the opportunity to break up his operational tempo with schools and non-deployable billets.

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Will I know where my spouse is going?

MARSOC deploys Special Operators throughout the world as needed. While there are many times in which you will be given the information you need, there will be times when the success of the mission depends upon secrecy even from family members.

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What will my Marine do on his deployments?

MARSOC carefully screens, selects and trains special operators to perform specialized missions throughout the world.

Your Marine will operate in a small, highly-skilled and immaculately-trained team of Marines. MARSOC teams are bound by trust and cohesion and work effortlessly together—giving them an advantage over many military units.

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What special pays will I receive?

0370/0372 Operators receive at a minimum SDA level 5 which is $375 on top of base pay. Special skill sets gained while at MARSOC will add corresponding special duty allowances. This may include, but not limited to: Language, Jump & Dive, Deployed Entitlements, Career SOF Incentives, Reenlistment Bonuses (Enlisted only), and Civilian Clothing Allowance while deployed.

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