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Do I need to be an excellent swimmer?

Candidates should meet the current Marine Corps intermediate swim qualification for initial screening, and will receive further training at Assessment and Selection Phase I.

Swim Assessment as follows:

  • Conduct abandon ship drill from a 6 meter platform (in accordance with CWS- 4).

  • Swim 300 meters continuously in utility blouse and trousers without combat equipment (CBE) and boots using the breast stroke or side stroke.

  • Tread water in a utility blouse and trousers unassisted for 11 minutes then transition to the survival float using the blouse or trouser for floating for four minutes.

  • Must demonstrate confidence in the water and the ability to remain afloat.

For those of you preparing for Assessment and Selection, additional aquatic preparation guidance can be found on page 23 of the 10-week training guide and log (5.3 mb PDF), and videos that focus on proper technique for the breast stroke and side stroke.

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