Other than the 10 attributes listed, are there additional qualities desired/expected from a MARSOC Special Operations Officer (SOO)?

The leadership qualities required for success in MARSOC are in line with those required for successful leadership in any Marine Corps unit.  SOO Principles, codified by the Marine Special Operations School, are:

  • Own the institution.
  • Provide leadership at the point of friction.
  • Be able to integrate and combine capabilities.
  • Lead planning, bridging top-down requirements with bottom-up solutions.
  • Influence higher, adjacent, supporting commands and host nation partners to help achieve the desired end state.

When is the ideal time in an Officer's career to submit an application to attend Assessment & Selection (A&S)?

The ideal time to submit an application is after career designation selection, with the intent to attend A&S prior to departing your first duty station.  

NOTE: Officers not career designated can apply to attend an A&S, but you must be career designated to be assigned orders to Individual Training Course (ITC).

When is the earliest and latest an Officer can apply to attend MARSOC Assessment and Selection (A&S)?

As a First Lieutenant, you must have a minimum of two observed fitness reports (minimum 540 fitness report days) and be in zone for promotion prior to submitting your application.  As a Captain, you must begin the Individual Training Course (ITC) with no more than 24 months’ time in grade as a Captain. For First Lieutenants who are in a deployable unit, if you meet the requirements listed above, it is recommended that you attend A&S between your first & second deployment.