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What Does MARSOC Do?

MARSOC’s core activities are:

Direct Action

We conduct short strikes and small-scale offensive actions to seize, destroy, capture, recover, or inflict damage in hostile or denied areas. 

Special Reconnaissance

We acquire information about the capabilities, intentions, and activities of an enemy. 

Preparation of the Environment

We collect intelligence and prepare for future operations at the direction of USSOCOM.

Security Force Assistance

We support the security forces of allied foreign governments to achieve operational objectives the U.S. shares.   


We prevent, deter, and respond to terrorism. 

Foreign Internal Defense

We provide training and other assistance to foreign governments and their militaries to enable them to pro vide for their national security. 


In concert with allied governments, we conduct military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic action operations to defeat insurgency.

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How is MARSOC different from recon?

MARSOC conducts missions by direction of the SOCOM Commander. These missions are normally conducted in irregular and unconventional settings. MARSOC Marines receive additional training with Special Operations Equipment and Tactics in order to fulfill these missions. USMC Recon conducts missions as part of the MAGTF in support of conventional operations.

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